New AFA Episode: Review of Dr. Flowers What is Semi-Pelagianism Video

Their is much internet bandwidth (modern version of ink spilling) being spent right now, and it has increased since Dr. Jordan Cooper accused Dr. Flowers of semi-pelagianism. Dr. Flowers then responded to that accusation here and then Dr. Cooper responded to that response here. Dr. Flowers also did a long video on what is semi-Pelagianism and Pelagianism here. OK, now you are caught up! LOL

In this episode we review Dr. Leighton Flowers latest video entitled “What is Semi-Pelagianism”. We set the stage by reading passages from Arminius himself and Roger Olsen. After we review the video, we then look at an journal article by Christopher T. Bounds entitled “How are people saved? The major views of salvation with a focus on wesleyan perspectives and their implications”. Also we mention the “Remonstrance Podcast” which I highly recommend.

Dr. Flowers video link:
Remonstrance Podcast:

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