How to Learn to Read New Testament Greek

Today I watched a video by J.D. Martin on his process of learning to read New Testament Greek. It was good and I highly recommend it. I messaged J.D. on Facebook to let him know that I enjoyed his video and then I was going to send him the link to the Youtube video I did on this subject back in October, but then I couldn’t find it on my Youtube channel?! Then I realized that when I originally released the episode, it was only as a Facebook premiere! So here is the episode re posted for your enjoyment.

In this episode of AFA, I go over how I am able to read through large chunks of the Greek New Testament with no helps, and it is something that you can do as well, but it takes work! But this is based on that many ways of teaching NT Greek focus too much on memorizing grammar, vocab and syntax BEFORE you even start to read the New Testament in Greek, whereas this method has you start reading the New Testament in Greek on day one! Check it out.

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