James White, R. Scott Clark, Carl Trueman, RTS, and Aquinas…OH MY! Great Tradition Exegesis, Reformed Baptists and Twitter Wars.

In this episode, I give my opinion of the debate currently happening in reformed Baptist circles surrounding "great tradition exegesis", hermeneutics, divine simplicity, etc… We look at several tweets that I've bookmarked over the last month on this issue, we look at the thought of Henri De Lubac and Robert E. Webber. Overall, I try [...]

Study of Pelagius’s Letter to Demetrias

In this episode, we look at Dr. Alister McGrath's description of the Pelagian controversy. Then we begin a study of Pelagius himself, by starting to read a letter he wrote in 413. Hopefully this helps us see the benefit of looking at primary sources when we look at a topic like this, instead of depending [...]

Romans Bible Study 1:16-17

We continue our study through the book of Romans by looking at the thesis statement of the letter. We walk through 1:16-17, breaking down the terms, looking at the ordo salutis, and then we look at multiple commentaries on the book cam! Enjoy. Below is the link for the article we looked at. Article on [...]