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The Death of John Shelby Spong: A Review of His Theology

In this episode, we discuss the death of Bishop John Shelby Spong. We Review a sermon that he preached entitled “From a Tribal God to a Universal Presence: The Story Of The Bible” We discuss how Spong presents the progressive/liberal view of scripture, which is that the Bible is simply a record of the religious […]

Review of Rod Saunders Kanye West Walks with Jesus

In this episode of A Gentle Calvinist, I review Mr. Rod Saunders and his video entitled “Kayne West walks with Jesus”. His Youtube page is called “Jew and Greek”. He misrepresents calvinism (no big surprise) but also claims that calvinst pastors are “dishonest” and therefore Kayne’s relationship with this pastor must therefore be dishonest. I […]

William Lane Craig, Molinism, and the Matrix!

In this episode, I explain how the system of Molinism attempts to answer the question of why God doesn’t create a universe in which all people are saved, and actually creates more problems than it solves. And I do this by also watching a clip from The Matrix!

Review of Soteriology 101 Dead Like Lazarus or the Prodigal Video

In this episode, we review a video where Dr. Flowers tries to show that the term “deadness” in scripture does not mean to be “unable to respond to God’s call to be reconciled to himself”. He uses the parable of the prodigal son as a means to try and prove this. We walk through this […]

Having a Consistent Exegetical/Hermeneutical Method

In this episode I begin with Dr. James White and his challenge to Dr. Flowers in their Romans 9 debate cross examination. Dr. White asked Dr. Flowers if the method of exegesis he employs to defend provisionism is the same that he would use in defending the Trinity, Deity of Christ, etc… I then show […]

Does Trump Bear ANY Responsibility for What Happened at the Capitol?

New Episode of AFA here. If you listen to the political commentators on Fox News they clearly condemned, in no uncertain terms, the violence, destruction and death threats that occurred on January 6, 2021 in our nation’s capitol. (However, many on Fox and other news outlets floated the idea that the actual vandals and extremists […]

Welcome to the Red Pill of Calvinism

Many younger people (I am 39 years old) have NO IDEA what the reference is to “red pill vs. blue pill” ! Am I just getting old? Anyway, in this new episode of AFA, we start a study of a book called “The Reformed Doctrine of Predestination” by Loraine Boettner. A must read for someone […]

Does Beth Moore Have a Point About the Dangers of “Christian Trumpism”? David French and Michael S. Horton Weigh in.

If you’ve been following the news, the election win of Joe Biden and President Trump’s cry of election fraud has been at the top of the headlines. But apart from Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson, there are leading voices in the “evangelical” churches who are saying that the election was stolen and that […]

Gabe Rench Provokes Moscow Idaho Police, Gets Arrested and They Taunt Police. Cross Politic Goes Emergency Live, Claims It Is Their “Daniel Moment”, and Get 100k+ Views In 24 Hours.

I Don’t know if you saw it yet, but Gabe Rench from Crosspolitic was arrested yesterday! And if the fellows at Cross Politic are to be believed, it was because they were being persecuted for singing Amazing Grace! (See Toby Sumpter’s remark at 8:15 mark of this facebook video) Is this really the case? Were […]

Thomas Aquinas on The Relationship Between Philosophy and Scripture

I don’t know where I picked it up, but somewhere along the way I picked up the idea that Thomas Aquinas was simply a philosopher who also talked about God. When I thought of Thomas, I thought medieval scholasticism, which I was taught is a bad thing! It’s all about reason, philosophy and minutia of […]

How to Learn to Read New Testament Greek

Today I watched a video by J.D. Martin on his process of learning to read New Testament Greek. It was good and I highly recommend it. I messaged J.D. on Facebook to let him know that I enjoyed his video and then I was going to send him the link to the Youtube video I […]

New AFA Episode: Review of Dr. Flowers What is Semi-Pelagianism Video

Their is much internet bandwidth (modern version of ink spilling) being spent right now, and it has increased since Dr. Jordan Cooper accused Dr. Flowers of semi-pelagianism. Dr. Flowers then responded to that accusation here and then Dr. Cooper responded to that response here. Dr. Flowers also did a long video on what is semi-Pelagianism […]

Augustine: In Every Vice There Lurks a Counterfeit Beauty

What an incredible section I read this morning in the Confessions of Augustine*: “For in vice there lurks a counterfeit beauty: pride, for instance- even pride apes sublimity, whereas you are the only God, most high above all things. As for ambition, what does it crave but honors and glory, while you are worthy of […]

Is God’s Knowledge The Cause of What Happens in Time? Yes it is!

If you have had any encounter at all with a non-Calvinist (Arminian, Wesleyan, Provisionist, or run of the mill Evangelical) on the topic of God’s sovereignty, you will probably have heard this statement: “Just because God knows that something will happen in the future, does not necessitate that He caused that thing to happen.” In […]

COVID-19, The Sovereignty of God, Cynicism, Normalcy Bias and Civil Liberties

In this new episode of AFA, Pastor Dave gives us a “stream of consciousness” style program where he addresses the COVID-19 pandemic and how government leaders, business leaders, the media and average Americans are reacting to the debate of “reopening” the country. He relates all these issues to the Biblical teaching of God’s providential power […]

Check out my Appearance with Dr. Leighton Flowers on Soteriology 101!

It was an honor to be invited onto Dr. Leighton Flowers program on Tuesday! I thought it was an excellent discussion that demonstrated we can have fundamental disagreements and still be cordial. Dr. Flowers is a VERY smart man with a keen intellect and excellent at responding on the fly. I look forward to God’s […]

New Episode of AFA: Review of Clint Schnekloth “So You Don’t Agree With Everything In The Creed? You’re In Good Company!” On

Rev. Clint Schnekloth recently published a controversial article on questioning the need to believe in the virgin birth and the literal resurrection of Christ in order to be a member of the church. This is a good example of Protestant liberalism and it’s erosion of historical, catholic (small c) Christianity. I review it on […]

Regeneration Precedes Faith: Exegesis of John 3:1-21 (Part 2)

Click Here to Read Part 1  For the mind that is set on the flesh is hostile to God, for it does not submit to God’s law; indeed, it cannot.  Those who are in the flesh cannot please God. (Rom 8:7 ESV)       In this verse Paul is explaining to us the ability of the […]

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