Episode 53: Reformed Doctrine of Predestination Chapter 6 Study: The Foreknowledge of God
Episode 52: Reformed Doctrine of Predestination Chapter 3 Study: God Has A Plan
Episode 51: Free-Will, Determinism, Compatibilism Part 1
Episode 50: Debate Prep With Derek Murrell: Free-Will
Episode 49: Justification By Faith Alone Part 3
Episode 48: Review of “Original Sin: A Doctrine Examined” Episode 1
Episode 47: Justification By Faith Alone Part 2
Episode 46: Justification By Faith Alone Part 1
Episode 45: July 4th 2020 reflection and Romans 7 Debate Prep
Episode 44: Mark Part 7 God is Glorified in Hardening & Fruitlessness
Episode 43: Gospel of Mark Part 6: Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit & The Parable of the Soils
Episode 42: Pentecost 2020: Riots, Pandemics, Revelation 18 & Acts 2 and The Psalms in Light of The Resurrection
Episode 41: Learn to Read New Testament Greek
Episode 40: Dr. Leighton Flowers “What is Semi-Pelagianism?”
Episode 39: Jon Steingard of Hawk Nelson Renounces his faith
Episode 38: Ascension Day 2020 with Martin Luther
Episode 37: Unboxing some new books & Resurrection According to John
Episode 36: Resurrection According to Luke & Debate Announcement
Episode 35: Stuff I’m Working on and Resurrection According to Mark
Episode 34: Interview with Pastor Jeremiah Canfield
Episode 33: Interview with Dr. Laurie Thompson
Episode 32: Interview with Pastor Mike Milano
Episode 31: Debate Prep with Stephen Boyce
Episode 30: Interview with Zac Turbes
Episode 29: COVID-19 and Our Prophetic Calling
Episode 28: COVID-19, The Sovereignty of God, Cynicism, Normalcy Bias and Civil Liberties
Episode 27: The Resurrection According to the Gospel of Matthew
Episode 26: Interview with Pastor Matt Koerber
Episode 25: Interview with Dr. Barry York
Episode 24: Interview with Dr. Jonathan Watt
Episode 23: Shuttlesworth’s Dumpster Excuse & Pulpit and Pen
Episode 22: Shuttlesworth Gets his Notoriety & Finished Charisma Video
Episode 21: More Reviews of Pastoral Responses to Coronavirus
Episode 20: Review of Four Pastoral Responses to Coronavirus
Episode 19: Pastor, are you & your people ready for the coronavirus?
Episode 18: A Calvinist Exegesis of John 5
Episode 17: The Biblical and Reformation View of Plagues
Episode 16: Flame’s Conversion to Lutheranism Part 1 and Frank Turek on Free-Will Theodicy
Episode 15: A Calvinist Exegesis of John 3:1-21
Episode 14: Review of Clint Schnekloth’s article entitled “You don’t agree with everything in the creed, you’re in good company!”
Episode 13: Coronavirus and The Four Horsemen of the Apocalyse
Episode 12: God’s Eternal Counsel Part 1
Episode 11: 5 Principles of the Knowledge of God
Episode 10: Dogmatic Theology vs. Systematic Theology
Episode 9: Synod of Dort Part Four (Exegesis of Romans 9)
Episode 8: Synod of Dort Part 3
Episode 7: OH NO! Kanye’s Pastor is a Calvinist!
Episode 6: Molinism, William Lane Craig and the Matrix
Episode 5: Review of Dr. Flowers “Romans 3:10-12 DeCalvinized”
Episode 4: Review of Dr. Flowers “DeCalvinizing Sovereignty”
Episode 3: Synod of Dort Part One
Episode 2: Review of Dr. Flowers “Dead Like Lazarus?” Video
Episode 1: Catholic, Evangelical and Reformed