James White, R. Scott Clark, Carl Trueman, RTS, and Aquinas…OH MY! Great Tradition Exegesis, Reformed Baptists and Twitter Wars.

In this episode, I give my opinion of the debate currently happening in reformed Baptist circles surrounding “great tradition exegesis”, hermeneutics, divine simplicity, etc… We look at several tweets that I’ve bookmarked over the last month on this issue, we look at the thought of Henri De Lubac and Robert E. Webber. Overall, I try to show the spectrum of what is going on, the extremes to be avoided and how to think through these issues. I also talk about my own seminary experience in a Anglican seminary where I encountered these issues. Enjoy!

*Audio Malfunction note! At two points in the recording, my audio cuts out because I switch to a different video source but did not make sure the audio was also feeding into it. Big bummer, but nothing I can do!

Audio Podcast Link Below


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