Sola Scriptura vs Biblicism and The Doctrine of the Trinity Part 1

I have to confess, that I got caught up in the lack of balance that is easy to fall into when you exist on the internet! I fell away from my own first principles in the first episode I did of AFA! I found that I was mainly dealing with the issue of defending reformed theology, and this was creating imbalance in my content and in my own personal discipleship. I found my self getting angry and worked up posting my content around social media and looking to respond to every anti-reformed video and article out there.

This new episode of AFA is my attempt to step away from that imbalance and focus on teaching and defending the Historic Christian faith in all aspects, not just reformed theology.

In this episode, we first define the correct understanding of Sola Scriptura, which is the Scripture read and interpreted in light of the communion of saints. Then we begin part one of covering the doctrine of the Trinity.


R. Scott Clark:

Thomas Oden:

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