Review of Jon Steingard of Hawk Nelson Declares ‘I no longer believe in God’ Instagram Post

I have to admit, and some of my reformed friends will make fun of me, that I do listen to KLOVE! And I also admit that I really like a few songs that the band Hawk Nelson put out there. So I was disheartened to hear that their lead singer came out publicly and said he no longer believes in God.

As we hear more and more stories of “deconversion” from the Christian faith among christian leaders, we need to be able to carefully and thoughtfully discern what leads to these things. Mr. Steingard wrote a detailed Instagram post telling the reasons why he says he no longer believe in God, and this post mainly deals with His doctrine of God and His doctrine of Scripture. And unfortunately, these are the two main doctrines that are so woefully lacking in the discipleship of youth and the preaching in American Evangelical churches. In this episode of AFA, we break down his instagram post and see what we can learn from it.

Some of my favorite Hawk Nelson songs

My FAVORITE song…Great message of how the Love of God frees you to live
Drops in the Ocean

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