Most Of The TV Media Is NOT Showing the Full Chaos and Insanity of the Capitol Invasion

We are still all reeling from the attack upon the U.S. Capitol that we all witnessed. As a matter of fact, I mainly watched the coverage on Fox News and NBC, and neither of these news outlets captured the full extent of the how fierce the attack on the Capitol was.

For example, my own understanding of the depth of the incident has changed dramatically over the course of today. Around noon today, I decided to tune into CNN, since I was mainly watching the coverage on Fox News. About five minutes into watching, one of the CNN correspondents mentioned that some who stormed the Capitol were looking to capture and execute the Vice President! I immediately thought that this was hyperbole, stemming from the left leaning bias of CNN. So I took to Facebook and posted in the Reformed Pub, to see if anyone else thought that this was crazy.

Here is the post I made. To my surprise, someone in the Pub made a post saying, “They were chanting ‘Hang Pence’. I was shocked when I read this, because I had not seen this anywhere. Then, he posted a link to a Youtube video. Below you can watch the short video for yourself in which you can hear the chant, “Hang Mike Pence, Hang Mike Pence”.

Here is the link to that video & watch it below

Then to my shock, someone else posted that someone had even constructed gallows near the Capitol and posted a link to that!

Here is the link to that story

So needless to say, I was taken aback that this information was not on major media sources like Fox News and NBC

Finally, what really pushed me over the edge to see how truly serious this situation actually was a Youtube video that Mike Cernovich posted on his Twitter account. This video is from an individual called “JaydenX” and it is the most riveting video of the invasion of the Capitol building that I have seen. (WARNING…THIS VIDEO CONTAINS MUCH PROFANITY AND SHOWS A WOMAN BEING SHOT AND KILLED) It begins showing people trying to climb up scaffolding. Then you hear a shout “We’re going in!”. Then he runs toward the Capitol and they press past the gates. The Whole time this JaydenX is making commentary and shouting “We’re making History…We are doing it…Oh My God!” At one point he is overheard saying (6:52 mark), “We gotta burn this…we gotta get this sh*t burning.” Then at the 33:00 minute mark, he comes upon the corridor which leads to the Speakers Lobby. This is the area where the woman was shot and killed. He gets into this area by declaring that he has a knife.

When he comes upon the scene, a few officers are trying to keep people from passing the door, but rioters and pressing in and trying to smash the windows and break the doors down. Then an officer on the other side points his gun at them and JaydenX shouts that there is a gun on the other side. Then the woman attempts to climb over and is shot by the officer. She falls to the ground and starts to bleed out. This immediately stops the rioters advance and then many officers arrive to try to render aide to her. But unfortunately the crowds will not disperse and it makes it impossible for medical aide to reach her in time.

I am totally speculating here, but I suspect that the area behind this door was the evacuation route for either the Vice President, members of congress or both. And also it may have compromised the route that led to the safe rooms where the members of congress were being sheltered. Therefore, the police were ordered to hold that area by any means necessary, up to and including lethal force. This makes sense because there did not seem to be this level of protection of any other area of the Capitol building, but instead they ceded most areas to the mob.

I am still processing and digesting what happened on Tuesday in our nation’s capitol, like I am sure that most of you are. However, today I realized that this invasion of the Capitol was much more extreme and serious than I originally thought.


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