Gabe Rench Provokes Moscow Idaho Police, Gets Arrested and They Taunt Police. Cross Politic Goes Emergency Live, Claims It Is Their “Daniel Moment”, and Get 100k+ Views In 24 Hours.

I Don’t know if you saw it yet, but Gabe Rench from Crosspolitic was arrested yesterday! And if the fellows at Cross Politic are to be believed, it was because they were being persecuted for singing Amazing Grace! (See Toby Sumpter’s remark at 8:15 mark of this facebook video) Is this really the case? Were the police just waiting to pounce and execute their tyrannical reign upon the poor, humble Christians of Christ Church? Are we to celebrate and cheer this unconscionable violation of their civil rights? Or was this an obvious, preplanned publicity stunt that actually worked? As of the time of me writing this post, they have 103,000 views on Facebook in less than 24 hours! They even made CBN News and the Washington Times !

In this episode of Apologetics from the Attic, I read the article from the local newspaper, then review the video linked above where the guys from Cross Politic have an “emergency” broadcast to announce the arrest, and then I read a blog post from R. Scott Clark, which I think summarizes the whole situation. Bottom line, this episode illustrates the danger (which I am not immune to) of doing things to get clicks and views on social media, and getting the adrenaline of middle aged men pumping for something that is clearly NOT religious persecution, but civil disobedience.

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